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DFA 1979 were amazing in person!! - Kicking Against the Pricks: A Journal About Music Lust

Oct. 23rd, 2005 03:46 pm DFA 1979 were amazing in person!!

As taken from my blog on Myspace once again... I just like the format better sometimes, honestly!








"Woah, I am so blown away right now at how cool the band was in person and also taken aback by how few people showed up! What the hell people? This band is unbelievable and you missed a chance to meet them in person and get free merch like I did!

I was trying hard to keep the rock star awe down but it was so hard when one of your favorite bands is standing literally steps away from you! It was kind of odd to hang out in the store while they played music since you weren't really there to buy music but to see them! I wanted the new Boards of Canada but they were sold out of that.

Anyhow, I got to talk to Jesse, the bassist, about random things including his East Indian heritage and the Florida heat. I didn't want to be one of the those people that talk the ears off of bands but nobody else even noticed him! He was so nice and let me take a picture of him and he even hooked me up with a t-shirt and a signed poster.

I would have loved to talk some more with Sebastien, the drummer but he was out of reach. I didn't want to weird them out but I wanted to say 'I love you guys!' I still can't believe how few people came to see them! There were so few and most others were there doing their regular shopping; too bad for them that they didn't realize what an awesome band was in their midst!

Now I am even more excited to see them play live in Orlando this Wed! I was elated to find out that they had their own show booked in Orlando and that I wouldn't have to pay a lot of money to see their show tonight with NIN and Queens of the Stone Age. At the Forum too, eww!

I am such a happy band fan/music nerd right now, it's crazy!

I was so caught up with hanging out with the band at Vinyl Fever that I almost forgot about pledging some money for Wmnf's marathon today. I was able to pledge lots of money just in time during the Saturday Asylum show to have a guest spot on it soon. Yeah, I'm very excited to play some of my favorites for all of the Bay area! I'm going to start creating my playlist for the guest show starting right now! It's gonna be great and all you friends out there should listen when it happens!

Okay, I got all my excitement and love out on here. Now I feel a little more relaxed but I am still crazy in love with Death From Above 1979, possibly the coolest band I've ever met. I can't wait to rock out at their live show!"

Haha, I was sooo happy yesterday!

(I'll have some images from the instore on here shortly.)


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Date:October 24th, 2005 05:21 pm (UTC)
i heard your pledge come in... "and last but not least, the elusive punkhermit"

totally stoked about your guest spot. you inspired me, even if i just pledged a meager $20 like i always do.
Date:October 25th, 2005 10:05 pm (UTC)
That's awesome! I thought I recognized that name Soraya when they said it later on.. too bad they didn't pronounce it correctly (I think..)
I hadn't pledged in years so I felt like it was the right time to give more than I usually could.
I'll post my show date when I know on here.
Thanks for sharing yr experience with me, it's nice!