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Kicking Against the Pricks: A Journal About Music Lust

Oct. 19th, 2005 11:28 am We are SO FUCKED!

I am NOT optimistic in the least.

Hurricane Wilma

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Current Music: Gang of Four - I Love A Man In A Uniform (YYY's remix)

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Oct. 10th, 2005 03:41 pm Cool: GRLZ - Women ahead of their time!

I've been catching up on some music blog reading after several weeks of being unable to and I found the following new compilation mentioned. It's called 'GRLZ - Women ahead of their time' and it has all these tracks by female fronted bands of the post-punk era. It's sounds so FUCKING awesome! I love that period of music as it is and then the feminist concept of focusing on women is just awesome beyond words. I am very excited to hear it! The import price is not cheap but I know it's worth the money to hear and read all about these fantastic women/music.

Info here: http://www.crippled.com/index.php?cat=news&id=48&sessid=10000

Speaking of Delta 5, I just read a news story (coincidentally) today on Pitchfork about how Kill Rock Stars will be releasing a collection of the band's work and I am soo excited for that! The few singles I've heard by them are some of my favorite and I want to hear what else they did. Shit, I would love to start a band inspired by bands like Delta 5! It's my dream of the moment!


(Man, this Four Tet album is making me so drowsy!! I just want to take a nap after hearing the last track. I just got this album 'Pause' and it's as good as the rest of his work.)

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Current Music: Four Tet - Pause

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Sep. 26th, 2005 04:19 pm Wow: Sun Kil Moon to release Modest Mouse covers album

Man, this news is completely new to me! I don't know if it's been posted about on the usual music blogs but I didn't read anything about this until today while browsing the oh-so-helpful upcoming release page at Metacritic. http://www.metacritic.com/music/upcomingreleases.shtml 

(A whole slew of anticipated new albums are on their way including my personal picks from: Calla, Wolf Parade, Broken Social Scene, Franz, Ladytron, Metric, The Clientele, Explosions in the Sky, Gang of Four, Boards of Canada, Sun Kil Moon, etc. Damn! A virtual list of some of most favorite bands! This release schedule is making me sweat!)

I've been disdainful of Modest Mouse ever since their last album blew up and you couldn't go anywhere without hearing a track from that album which, in my opinion, kind of wrecks the personal experience you have listening to music when it's played endlessly. Anyhow, I am happy to hear that Mark and his Sun Kil Moon band will be covering classic MM songs for this new album called 'Tiny Cities.' Those older MM songs are still very much loved by me and I want to see what the outcome will sound like. After all, Sun Kil Moon's album is a classic with some of the loveliest, melancholic music this music nerd has ever heard.

I'm excited, yes, indeed.

(Hah, I guess P-fork reported on this a while back but I was probably to busy to read anything online that week. Here's the story: http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/news/05-09/07.shtml )

Here's more info from Billboard.com:

Kozelek's New Album Muse: Modest Mouse

By Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

Equally at home with putting his unique spin on songs by AC/DC, Neil Diamond and John Denver as he is recording his own compositions, Mark Kozelek further indulges his interpretive bent on his next album, "Tiny Cities." Due Nov. 1 as the first release on Kozelek's own Caldo Verde imprint, the set features 11 new versions of material originally recorded by veteran indie rock act Modest Mouse.

Although several cuts feature Kozelek performing solo acoustic, "Tiny Cities" is attributed to Sun Kil Moon, the band he debuted in 2003 with the acclaimed Jetset album "Ghosts of the Great Highway." Emily Herron guests on vocals on "Grey Ice Water."

Much in the vein of Kozelek's prior cover recordings, the material here is given completely new arrangements that bear little resemblance to the originals. The obscurity "Four Fingered Fisherman" has been transformed from a loose, extremely lo-fi exercise into a haunting, finger-picked solo guitar piece, while a string-tinged "Tiny Cities Made of Ashes" generates its rhythm from Kozelek's phrasing instead of its prior quirky, funk gait.

Elsewhere, the artist injects a sense of optimism into "Neverending Math Equation" and strips the modern rock hit "Ocean Breathes Salty" down to its inherent bittersweet reflections on past and present.

"Tiny Cities" will be released on Rough Trade outside of North America, and will be available on vinyl via director Cameron Crowe's Vinyl Films label bolstered by an alternate version of "Exit Does Not Exist."

Kozelek is in the midst of a short North American tour with Low vocalist/guitarist Alan Sparhawk's new project, the Retribution Gospel Choir. The group plays Los Angeles tonight (Sept. 7). Although no Sun Kil Moon or solo dates are planned for the fall, Kozelek hopes to play select shows in the first part of 2006.

As previously reported, his cover of Neil Diamond's "Kentucky Woman" can be found on the new EP "Songs From the Brown Hotel," a companion to RCA's upcoming soundtrack for "Elizabethtown."

Here is the track list for "Tiny Cities":

"Exit Does Not Exist"
"Tiny Cities Made of Ashes"
"Neverending Math Equation"
"Space Travel Is Boring"
"Jesus Christ Was an Only Child"
"Four Fingered Fisherman"
"Grey Ice Water"
"Convenient Parking"
"Trucker's Atlas"
"Ocean Breathes Salty"


In other news.... the new Broadcast album 'Tender Buttons' is so great and already imprinted within my brain after countless playbacks. Some of the new album tracks are already classic band material for me like: Black Cat, Tears in the Typing Pool, and Michael. Only people who've had their favorite band put out a new album that delivers in every way could possibly understand how I feel right now! I'm in sonic heaven with this album! I can't even believe how excited I am to see them live in Nov. in D.C. It's going to be so fucking awesome!!

Here's something from Trish, herself, about the lyrics to the buzzing, favorite song 'America's Boy":

From Trish Keenan:
"The lyrics to 'America’s Boy' were generated by my reactions to a tabloid cryptic crossword. The clues were topically about the war in Iraq, and in general, their stance was one of anti-American occupation."
"In my frustration at not being able to decipher the clues, I began to react to them, make up my own answers, mimicking back the language of the clues. I was interested then in possible answers. I got on a roll arguing with the clues, asking questions back, taking offence to them and deliberately misreading them. What came back was a sort of celebration of the American soldier. Snap shots of the heroics of American Imperialism, the all out impressiveness of its big achievements. Also something that the British do not have in their culture, a self celebratory nature of Americans towards their own country."

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Current Music: Bloc Party - Silent Alarm remixed (gracias Cindy!)

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Sep. 12th, 2005 08:19 pm Silent Alarm remixed: yes!

Hot damn, I sure am excited about this remix album of Silent Alarm! I know Bloc Party are all over the damn place right now but my love for them has not ceased. The line-up of remixers is practically my personal list of favorite bands as it is! Bless Bloc Party for being one sweet, hip band. I can't even imagine what their next album will sound like or whether it will be able to succeed on the greatness of the first one. Vinyl Fever should have this in stock right now, right?

AMG Review: http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=A2le67uw040jh

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Current Music: Seefeel - Quique (oooh...)

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Aug. 17th, 2005 11:27 am Fucking ridiculous!

I usually don't use my LJ to post news like this but I just had to in order to show the images from this unbelievable news story. People make me sick when I hear about things like this happening. I absolutely hate when I hear about mass hysteria over buying something; what the fuck is wrong with people? Just fucking ridiculous. Hah, imagine getting a serious injury or a broken limb because you were trying to buy something. It doesn't makes sense. Anyhow, here's the story in all it's perverse glory.


Cheap laptops provoke Mac mayhem
Scenes from iBook sale, AP
A sale of second-hand Apple laptops costing only $50 have caused a near riot in Virginia in the US.

More than 5,500 people queued for a chance to buy one of the 1,000 laptops and stampeded when the sale of the computers started.

In the crush 17 people were injured and four needed hospital treatment.

The four-year-old iBooks were being sold off cheap because Henrico County switched to Dell from Apple to supply laptops for its schools.

Riot gear

People began queuing at the Richmond International Raceway in Henrico County, Virginia shortly after midnight for the start of the 16 August sale.

The sale was due to begin at 9am local time, but as the queue grew to almost a kilometre in length, organisers brought forward the start time by two hours.

Scenes from iBook sale, AP
When the gates opened, a stampede started as people raced to be at the head of the queue for the cheap iBooks.

In the crush, people were trampled on, a chair was thrown, an elderly man was pushed to the ground, a baby's buggy was crushed and one desperate buyer tried to drive his car through the crowd.

Eyewitnesses described the scene as "terrifying" and "total, total chaos".

Despite a heavy police presence, there were no arrests.

"It's rather strange that we would have such a tremendous response for the purchase of a laptop computer, and laptop computers that probably have less-than- desirable attributes," said Paul Proto, director of general services for Henrico County commenting on the sale of the four-year-old machines.

County officials said they would review events and see what could be done differently for future sales.

Unofficial estimates said more than 12,000 people attended the sale.

Current Mood: relaxedslept well for once, yay!
Current Music: Brian Eno - Another Green World

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Aug. 3rd, 2005 10:19 pm It takes strength to be gentle and kind...

Two of my favorite music blogs (Fluxblog + 20 Jazz Funk Greats) posted brand new Broadcast songs from the upcoming album Tender Buttons some time ago. The mp3 links to download them are still active so I recommend downloading them right now before they go dead! Oh man, the tracks are classic Broadcast and you will fall in love with them instantly. Why aren't they playing already at local indie nights at clubs in the Bay Area, yet? Somebody needs to soon! I totally need my own forum to play music around these parts that no else is playing... people need to hear this unheard music! My rant is now over. Listen to the soothing music now.

(Download the Annie track at Fluxblog too! It's damn catchy and addictive!)

"Goodbye Girls"


"I Found the F"




My latest mix of great music! Take a look or give me a shout out if you'd like a copy and I'll totally send you one free of charge! It's all about sharing the love of music.



As the title of this post indicates, I'm in an utter Smiths mood. You know what I'm talking about. Those feelings of loneliness. That feeling of regret and wistfulness. All those dour emotions, right? Yeah, well that's what I feel like right now. I know I'm in a certain mood when all I want to hear is The Smiths "I Know It's Over" over, over, over...again (as the lyrics say.) It's one of the most melancholic songs ever and I want to find it in my stack of music and throw it on RIGHT NOW. The Smiths are for all the lonely people out there like me.


Lastly, Sleater-Kinney's song "Jumpers" is so amazingly great and perfect. It's sooo good. I'm just stunned by it's beauty. It's playing over and over again right now as I write. I don't have their new/last album yet but I'm thinking I need it soon. Rock on S-K!



Another short term goal accomplished.


(Q. Who is Harvey Pekar?)

(A. The epitome of the universal and individual human soujourn we all take on this lonely planet.)

Current Mood: lonelylonely
Current Music: Sleater-Kinney - Jumpers (wow!)

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Jul. 14th, 2005 10:25 pm Intonation Here We Come!

I just made a new mix in honor of my trip to Chicago this weekend for the big music fest. I can't wait to see Broken Social Scene, DFA, Andrew Bird, and Four Tet live! I get to see other loved bands like Les Sav Fav and TAN! once again. Even further, I get to see new bands live like Deerhoof, Dungen, and Xiu Xiu. I hope the Pitchfork hipsters are friendly and don't bite! ;) I plan on hitting up the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum nearby and finding some excellent Chicago pizza while I'm there. Oooh, I hope to find some fine band merchandise for sale too! I'll hopefully get some great pictures to post here later. Check out my Intonation mix at this link and keep reading for more music news!



New Colder album, Heat!

Colder have a new album in Europe which has yet to see a US release date. I'm salivating to have a listen to the entire thing! I've been listening to 3 tracks from the album for a month now that I found online. That album cover stylistically looks like the opposite of the last album Again. I suppose I'll look to Ebay for an early copy of it since good music takes forever to reach the U.S. I have the 3 tracks available here to listen and cherish. Amazing music here folks!

Downtown: http://s37.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=14L81EDFJFTBK2IAPW0YAEYNGV

To the Music: http://s37.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2ZA9WB0S1F9ZS1RHH3G1674C5P

Wrong Baby: http://s37.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1Z551GF835FX81VXF678V52FWF

More info on new album here: http://www.modularpeople.com/03/colder/colder.htm



New Broadcast album + tour dates annouced!

Wow. I was pleasantly surprised to see a new story about the upcoming new Broadcast album on Pitchfork. I can't wait to hear it! I'm quite sure now that all my favorite bands are putting out new material this year. It's crazy trying to keep up! Looking at Broadcast's tour schedule for this fall, I wasn't surprised to see Florida not listed. Atlanta is there though and I'm totally set on making it to that one! I had to miss the Spoon/Clientele show there a while ago and I'm not letting it happen again. I'm going to start planning right now to be there. I want to experience Broadcast in all their glory live! Yay! An mp3 link is below for anyone who has not had the pleasure of hearing this incredible band for themselves.

I'm going to be there!:  11-14 Atlanta, GA - The Earl

Pitchfork story with all the info!: http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/news/05-07/11.shtml#broadcast

Unchanging Window- Chord Simple: http://s38.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0FMZSUZOWTPBS1276H2AWAXNAY





New albums I like from the Concretes, Xiu Xiu, & Prefuse 73!

The Concretes have a beautiful Rolling Stones cover on their new one! It was posted on an excellent music blog some time ago and I haven't stopped listening to it yet! It has their signature warm and morose sound all over it. Take a listen if you haven't yet.

Miss You: http://s38.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0ERGRKNFLNO1X0GGSQULNU4ZQL

The new Xiu Xiu album sounds as moody and tragic as ever. The few tracks I've heard sound so alluring and intriguing too. This an mp3 from the Kill Rock Stars site.

Bog People: http://www.killrockstars.com/bands/xiuxiu/audio/BogPeople.mp3

I have never had the chance to hear anything by Prefuse 73 before until now! I'm excited to hear all of the album ever since I found out the Books were on it collaborating. I love the Books! The Warp site has full samples of the tracks so I know I'm going to like this. I'm so turned on by the album even more so because I found out that one of the sisters from the band On!Air!Library! is on the last track of this release. Apparently, she was also on the last Prefuse 73 album which I'm checking out because of the OAL connection. I think I also saw Broadcast listed as a collaborator on one track which really makes me want to hear it! The Prefuse site also notes that On!Air!Library! has disbanded which makes me sad. I badly wanted to see them live but alas that is the nature of indie bands' short lived existences. I was even outbid this past week on their rare self released first ep on Ebay. I was bummed about that too. Oh well. I hope to hear more great stuff from the members of the band; especially the amazing twin sisters!

Prefuse/Books album samples: http://www.warprecords.com/?mart=WAP189

R.I.P. O!A!L! :(


I should talk about how I first heard of OAL. Well, I heard one entrancing song of theirs about a year ago on one of the best local sources of new music in Tampa: the Saturday Asylum radio program on WMNF! I always hear something new and wonderful every Saturday. The host has an incredible music taste and I'm always taking note of new bands. I heard another mindblowing new song by an unknown band this past Saturday! It was exactly the type of song that makes me fall for a band like how it happened with OAL. It took some searching to figure out who it was after hearing it though because the name sounded strange on air and the host didn't put up the full playlist either... so I was stuck. But that song stayed with me though... that melody and sound! Well, I finally found out who it was and even an mp3 of the beautiful song. I was elated! Just download the following and sit back and enjoy the experience. Here's Odawas with this amazing track: 

If It Smells Like A Rain Cloud: http://www.scjag.com/mp3/jag/ifitsmells.mp3

Band info here: http://www.jagjaguwar.com/catalog/jag86.htm

Saturday Asylum info: http://www.wmnf.org/programming/daily.php?ShowId=262



Made In Sheffield film

This music documentary has been on my radar ever since I read about it. It sounds like a very cool film to see especially since all these bands are featured in it like Pulp and Human League. I must watch this! I want to see how all this electronic pop music started and the people behind it. Maybe it will energize me to make some of my own noise like 24 Hour Party People? Unfortunately, the Buzzcocks created one of the best and most original sounds ever that I won't be able to emulate that. They're so amazing! I'm watching this film through Netflix as soon as I can afford it. Plexifilm is putting this film out and they put out all these other sweet music dvds including Galaxie 500. Check out their site and write the films on your shortlist to watch!

Film site: http://www.plexifilm.com/sheffield.html



NIN + DFA 1979 live in Tampa!

I found out about this tour a while ago and I still can't believe it! I've given up on NIN a long time ago when I gave all my albums away to a charity drive and decided to explore new music. I know the new NIN album has been out for a few months now and I haven't heard much from it. Now I find out that my favorite band will be opening for this huge show in a huge arena for NIN! I don't even know whether I should consider going. I really don't want to see DFA 1979 with that many people in that giant venue. It's like when Sleater-Kinney opened for Pearl Jam at the same venue some time ago. There's was no way I could see S-K for that cost and place. Queens of the Stone Age is also opening which intrigues me further despite not having heard one note of their new album. Hmm, I'm stumped. I hate arena concerts but maybe I should go for nostalgia. I'm lucky I get to see DFA in a smaller space this weekend than leaving it to this huge show. Matters get even more confusing since I downloaded the DFA remix of NIN's 'The Hand That Feeds.' I like it so much. It really is a great remix with an awesome groove. Tickets for this NIN spectacular go on sale this Sat. It remains to be seen if I'll pony up the money to be there... the suspense is killing me!  ;) The DFA remix is offered below for your possible pleasure:

Ticketmonster info: http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/0D003AE783963D49?artistid=735762&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=60

The Hand That Feeds (DFA remix): http://s37.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0OX3Q48HLOPNY21FYYJA2728H4



Brand new tracks from favs like Goldfrapp, Ladytron, Metric, & Adult.

Finally, here some of the latest tracks I've heard thanks to music blogs by some beloved electro artists.

The Goldfrapp song is not as amazing as I'd like it to be but it has a great beat. The 70's art rock inspired video is sexy and hilarious too!

Goldfrapp - Ooh La La: http://s37.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1B7E3T11YNF3M1VH2MAI1VDVQ2

Video & Album info: http://www.goldfrapp.co.uk/supernature/

The Ladytron song is great too! Definitely a new sound for them though with a big beat pushing the song along. Check it out:

Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch: http://s37.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3H73DSBWNZA2L0XMJO29PGXX7B

Edit: Forgot to mention the rare new Metric song I found online. I love this song! The vocals are really amazing. These Broken Social women sure can sing! This is off a rare early release by these dance floor favs. Check it out:

Metric - Hardwire: http://s37.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2WC05HDDJCFDJ1TA9B2ZZ47CIV

Lastly, this track from the latest Adult. release is so awesome! I love it. I've been hearing it pretty much non-stop now. I think I read someone describe it online as a "gothed out B52's" or something like that and I just had to hear it. It's the perfect dance song in my opinion and it will make you jerk your body. Awesomeness!

Adult. - Hold Your Breath: http://s37.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1X7ADR9RQZPNU3GE5FY3UYYADY


Edit: I forgot to mention the new video I saw online today for the excellent Of Montreal song 'Wraith Pinned to the Mist' It's cute and weird, much like the band themselves!

Of Montreal video: http://www.polyvinylrecords.com/media/of_montreal_wraith.mov


---- FIN ----




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Jun. 16th, 2005 01:15 pm Catch Bloc Party live in concert tonight!

Woah, Bloc Party finally made it onto NPR.... that's unbelievable! I don't mind their huge exposure, I just hope they don't lose their indie spirit while they're flying so high. I also hope they become more than just background music for some people. Okay, enough with the waterworks. Listen to NPR online tonight for a live broadcast of their concert. Details below:

Also- hear BLOC PARTY live in concert in Washington DC NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO (NPR) on Thursday (June 16).

Schedule (times approximate)
9:30 PM ET - Interview with Bloc Party
10:00 PM ET - Bloc Party Perform


You can also apparently download the performance later if you don't catch it live... cool!

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Jun. 15th, 2005 02:44 pm Finally: My trip to Philly to see the Gang of Four live!

My hectic schedule and underwhelming level of motivation is the reason why I'm just getting around to posting pictures from my Philly/Go4 trip. Oh fucking well! I'm feeling sleepy right now so let's get started with the narrative of the trip through pictures!


The venue, Theatre of the Living Arts. Reminded me of the State Theatre in St. Pete, which I don't really like.


Saw this flyer on the window of a thrift shop while walking around. I love Electrelane so much! I would have given anything to stay in Philly longer to catch them live! Philly people are so lucky! There was also an awesome record shop called Repo Records that had a fabulous wall of records including Go4's Entertainment!


Saw this funny bumper sticker on the back of a truck. I just had to take a picture of it!


The gloriously mixed crowd at the sold out show! I wonder if these people know that they've been captured forever in my camera! Hah.


Jon King takes the stage in strong form! He had a lot of Ian Curtis-esque stage moves that made my mouth drop!


Andy Gill was awesome! He let the fans take his guitar and pull some strings. Sounded like crap but it was exciting. He would later smash up that same guitar.


King did a lot of messianic gestures like this. I'm sure he didn't mean to...heh.


King and bassist Dave Allen in the back. Allen was wearing a Menomena t-shirt; cool!


King and Gill in action!


Andy Gill in the dark.


Andy Gill: one angry guitar hero!


The band as seen from the back of the venue. I'm up front somewhere!


Well, that's it! I have more pictures but they're not worth showing! The show was fabulous and one I'll never forget. I only hope future shows live up to the level of this one. There was truly a DEATH DISCO vibe in the whole place which was unbelievable! I've never seen fans so into the music and I loved it! I love you Gang of Four!!

Other facts: Favorite songs played: Anthrax, Damaged Goods, To Hell With Poverty! Number of encores: 3! Number of times played To Hell With Poverty!: 2!


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Current Music: Silver Apples - A Pox On You

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Jun. 13th, 2005 08:21 pm Yesss!

 Somebody was nice enough to send me an mp3 of DFA 1979's Luno cover! Yes! Now I don't have to buy the single and have to pay for shipping from the UK. Yeah, I would really would do that to get a copy... Here's a link to download the mp3; it's worth the download!


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